21 December 2006

Slightly Fishy

A generous friend of mine was kind enough to burn me a CD of H.P. Lovecraft stories, which I hadn't been introduced to before. Here's an attempt at depicting 'the Innsmouth look' ... I'm afraid it came out rather more as a graphic style than a set of physical characteristics. Mike Mignola seems to be able to do it possibly without even trying, though he's brillant and well-read enough it's probably conscious.

11 December 2006

Kung Fu Eye Action

Me: ...I always pictured Shadwell kinda scrawny but Moody, if not buff, then posessing a shadow of his former action hero self.
SMK: Moody with Kung Fu Eye Action

Thanks to a well-timed viewing of A Muppet Christmas Carol, Mad-Eye Moody is, has been, and ever shall be Michael Caine in my head ... though here he looks a bit more like Billy Connolly. Probably 'cause he's being silly. And I have forgotten how to draw convincing impacts, if I ever knew. Throw in more secondary action! Yeah!

P.S. In case anyone was left hanging by that Dragons post, and hasn't seen this yet, I got a bit carried away and wrote a sort of essay on what I like and dislike about genres of fantasy.

04 December 2006

The Scapegoat

Sometimes it's beneficial to attempt a caricature from memory, thereby getting a more accurate impression of the character rather than relying on specific details. I was resuming my long-abandoned attempt to caricature Billy Boyd as Pippin for a friend's Christmas present (I'm pretty sure she doesn't read this blog so I think I'm safe in saying that) and noticed he has roughly the same eye shape as Lee Ingleby, so I doodled this little Hollom on the way home from my sister's. A distance of a year or more from the last time I watched Master & Commnader (?!!?!!!?!???) seems to have benefited me in this regard.