24 June 2012

Land's End

... in San Francisco, not Cornwall.  I got a sunburn while sketching this, but it was worth it.

17 June 2012

Swashbuckling Etudes

I had to get back in the swing of drawing dynamic poses from scratch again, so in lieu of some insane figure drawing class I decided  to do some quick sketches off Pirates of the Caribbean

I could stand to do a lot more of this ...

What I find particularly fascinating is that, dynamic as these sketches may appear, I could never get as much energy in the drawing as I saw in the frame of film. Draw from life, folks! (Or filmed life, at least ...)

03 June 2012

Hertfordshire Spinney

Things I have learned: 
A small stand of trees is also known as a 'spinney.'
Hawthorn is everywhere 
Bluebells are not
A footpath is not a bicycle track