31 August 2014

Radio(ish) Audience

These beautiful people all turned out to see (see) a test-run of a new radio show. It probably helped that it was written and, in part, performed by John Finnemore.

24 August 2014

About Town

I've moved to the UK, and have not taken nearly enough opportunities to sketch the beautiful and varied places in which I've found myself.  Didn't miss out on this one, though.

17 August 2014

Sarah Slean and My "Frozen"

Sarah Slean’s “Society Song” is my “Let it Go.”

The full story behind this is on my more talky blog, or you could just watch the music video and enjoy it unencumbered by my baggage. (I recommend listening to it before watching it the first time, as the visuals impose a narrative on the abstract lyrics, but it is a great video.)

10 August 2014

DIY Life Drawing

A very keen young animator in London, frustrated with the lack of drop-in animation-friendly life drawing on offer, has set up a life drawing club – the price for 3+ hours good solid gesture drawing is taking your turn to go up and pose (clothed).