28 February 2007

Alphabetizing II

Here's the second part of the Dragons alphabet, detailing how to write it out.

17 February 2007


In going through piles of old artwork in an attempt to cobble together a portfolio, I found the alphabet I'd designed for Dragons. It's now vectorized and can be seen here if you're interested, and might be followed up by the guide on how to write it if I can find where I put the scan...

16 February 2007

Exploiting the Ignorance of Strangers

Here's a collection of observational sketches I've done recently:

I haven't done nearly enough of these lately. Most of them are fellow travellers on public transit, aside from the girl at the hair salon with her substantial boots.

14 February 2007

Revisiting the Post Office

This scene suddenly struck me as I was walking home yesterday. Usually I fritter away my independence on cooking dinner or doing dishes, but today I decided to cash it in and, in an uncharacteristically impulsive move, deviated from my walk home and spent two hours drawing in the library's café. This is the result of that.
This is the scene from Going Postal where Antimony Parker and his Aggie come to thank Moist for delivering the ancient letter. I've bent the text a bit and had Aggie be the old woman in the following:
    'I said is it true you're opening the old place again?' she repeated. 'My granddad used to work there!'
    'Well done him,' said Moist.
    'He said there was a curse!' said the woman, as if the idea was rather pleasing. [...] 'It lives under the floor and drives you maaad!' she went on, enjoying the syllable so much she seemed loath to let it go. 'Maaad!'
It's been far too long since my Going Postal drawing spree... I miss it so. Maybe I'll pick up my cruelly interrupted Clacks Board when I go 'on hiatus' in a couple weeks.

11 February 2007

Painted Pirates

I like the effects I see people get in Open Canvas but never had the time or patience to figure it out for myself... I've been poking around with my revised pirates after work (and, now, this weekend) so here's the result. I've probably forgotten things and could fix others but that's about the limit of my patience (for now) and ought to get back to work on my portfolio.
Oh yes, and I've changed some of the characters and tried to fix some silhouette problems. I hope it looks better... I realised while painting this that I actually know very little about drapery; I know how to express it with useful symbols in line form, but as far as knowing its form well enough to paint it ... no. Sigh. Time for more studying. After the portfolio.