15 June 2014

Seagull vs Starfish

It’s not a complete BC Ferries experience until you’ve seen a seagull trying to eat a starfish.

08 June 2014

Blackadder Goes Forth

My Blackadder Goes Forth marathon has coincided with the reintroduction of the doodle pad to my desk as a necessary sanity saver. As I plan to do some acting studies off it when I have time to breathe again, and don’t want to be struggling with design when I should be concentrating on poses and expressions, I need a shorthand for the characters, so whenever I glance over I jot down an observation, and am inching toward understanding.

05 June 2014


A thrush that sings varied melodious songs on warm summer nights … in Europe, the nightingale; in North America, the mockingbird.  One gets romantic odes, fairy tales, nostalgic songs, and instrumental duets broadcast on the radio; the other gets cursed for making a racket at two in the morning.  What gives? Is it the name? Beautiful birdsong in the middle of the night is a gift, and you only get it a few months of the year. Try to think of your mockingbird as a nightingale and see what a difference it makes.