30 May 2011

Hollywood, Then and Now

Every so often I get bit by Sunset Boulevard and have to listen to the musical soundtrack on repeat for a few days. I'm not sure what prompted it this time, but it was vindicating to find I liked it just as much now as I did ten(!) years ago – it also takes on a whole new dimension when you've worked in the L.A. entertainment industry for a while.

With the rise of YouTube I've actually gotten to see some clips of the show I know so well only through audio. Unfortunately it seems most theatrical productions don't play Joe the way I believe he should be played, as a bitter burnt-out creative professional. Not angry, not really a jerk, not loud or abrasive or a New York shyster (it clearly states he's from Ohio), but rather devoid of any sort of passion; a sardonic, defeated fatalist who's just in it for the money. Entertainment is full of these people!

22 May 2011

Our Cheerful Pessimist

Titus Oates was rather the Eeyore of the Scott Expedition. During the first winter, the officers and scientists gave a series of lectures, and one of Titus' was on the management of the ponies which they would use the following summer in their attempt on the Pole. According to Frank Debenham, "He gave us all a surprise as his slow way of talking hardly lends itself to the lecturing, but he lectured really well and his dry smileless humour was splendid."

16 May 2011

The King's Caricatures

Well, hello there bloggy, long time no updatey! Have some caricatures from The King's Speech.

The movie was great and all, but when it comes to caricatures, the director beats all the actors hands-down. Thanks for having such a great face, Mr Hooper!