15 June 2014

Seagull vs Starfish

It’s not a complete BC Ferries experience until you’ve seen a seagull trying to eat a starfish.

08 June 2014

Blackadder Goes Forth

My Blackadder Goes Forth marathon has coincided with the reintroduction of the doodle pad to my desk as a necessary sanity saver. As I plan to do some acting studies off it when I have time to breathe again, and don’t want to be struggling with design when I should be concentrating on poses and expressions, I need a shorthand for the characters, so whenever I glance over I jot down an observation, and am inching toward understanding.

05 June 2014


A thrush that sings varied melodious songs on warm summer nights … in Europe, the nightingale; in North America, the mockingbird.  One gets romantic odes, fairy tales, nostalgic songs, and instrumental duets broadcast on the radio; the other gets cursed for making a racket at two in the morning.  What gives? Is it the name? Beautiful birdsong in the middle of the night is a gift, and you only get it a few months of the year. Try to think of your mockingbird as a nightingale and see what a difference it makes.

08 September 2013

Douglas Richardson

Everyone's favourite First Officer of MJN Air . . .  And yes, I misspelled Camembert, my sincerest apologies.

28 July 2013

The Glower

Drawn in response to this much nicer picture of Mona Williams (Mrs. Harrison Williams of the Cole Porter song ‘You’re the Top’), later Mona Bismarck, sketched by Rene Bouche.  When I do that it's not nearly so attractive, but no matter what it may look like, I am not plotting your assassination, I promise.  Really.  The glower is just sort of built-in.

12 July 2013

That's 104ºF

This temperature has already been forecast twice this summer and it's not even August yet.  Oy.