22 March 2007

Belated Blogging

I promised this to some of you weeks ago but here it is at last:

~ Rough Draft ~

Please, please, please make some comments ... What should I keep? What should I chuck? There's way too much in the 'design and illustration' section, for one thing, but I don't know what to cut out. Heeeeeeelp!

20 March 2007

In Watson's Kitchen

I've been listening to BBC7's run of Sherlock Holmes radio plays, which are very well done and approximately as addictive as crack. There's a scene in The Final Problem where Watson finds Holmes a nervous wreck in his kitchen, having climbed in from the back garden to avoid Moriarty's men. It's jarring to see (well, 'see': this is radio, after all) this character behave in such an out-of-character way, and the scene made quite a visual impression on me. Watson was supposed to be in this scene but, er ... he didn't turn out. (Holmes is far more interesting, anyway.) Thumbnailed at life drawing with a 4B pencil, tightened up in Sketchbook, and painted in OpenCanvas.

14 March 2007

The Oldest Creature

Here's the result of Sean's 15-minute design challenge 'The Oldest Creature in the World' ... it turned out better than I expected but still has a few improvements to be made. I'll forget about it if I don't post it, though, so now it is a Note To Self.