30 October 2006

Dragon Dragoon

The presence of dragons is a pretty good indicator that something is the kind of fantasy I don't really like. The scal├Ęd beasts are useful for comedy, at times, though. My dad put the image of dragons on horseback into my head and I couldn't resist.

25 October 2006

Snicket Photos

I took my camera on a walk, on a recent rainy day, and managed to snap some shots in the vein of the odd dissociated photos in Lemony Snicket's Unauthorized Autobiography. Unfortunately I couldn't convince all passers-by to dress in period costume or amusing disguises so they're all landscape shots, but I'm inordinately proud of them nonetheless.


12 October 2006

A Bit of Madness

This sequential gag sketch took far too much time and effort, but it was fun. It stars William de Worde from Terry Pratchett's The Truth, Haruko from FLCL, and Rimmer from Red Dwarf. I read this line in The Truth:
He went back to his lodgings and had a look at himself in the mirror over the washbasin. A large R, printed in bruise colours, occupied a lot of his forehead.
He stuck a bandage over it.
... and the following just dropped into place. (Click to enlarge)

05 October 2006


There's a show on BBC Radio 4 called Genius which asks for 'brilliant, if unworkable' ideas from the audience. One fellow last week suggested that chickens in battery farms be given virtual reliaty headsets to make them think they're free range and thereby lay more or better eggs. Eventually the host presented the unavoidable train of logic that this would lead to the Chicken Matrix, which prompted this from me:
Truly a noble use of Photoshop. Yes, indeed.