29 January 2007

Seattle Coffee Pirates

My sister tried to get a sugar-free cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks on Sunday only to discover that, according to the barista, there was no sugar-free cinnamon syrup in the entire city. Considering that the number of Starbuckses here would warrant a container ship specifically designated to keep this city stocked, that's quite something. We concluded that the syrup had been hijacked by the notoroius Seattle coffee pirates.
I think I'm going to go over this again and sort out some silhouette problems that I stumbled into when drawing them all separately. (That was a brilliant idea.)

24 January 2007

Six Shots by Moonlight

I promise this will be the last Herbert West picture for a while (unless the tow-headed little fiend hijacks my mind again); I'm getting a little zombied out for now. This image came into my head the last time through the readings, though, and I couldn't resist. It turned out okay, I suppose, for having started life as an oversized thumbnail that I got carried away with. It's not textually accurate and I cheat the light a lot but I hope it's good enough that this can be ignored.

This is what lunch hours are for.

14 January 2007

Masquerading as Originality

I spent Friday afternoon drifting in and out of naps, being beset with a bad case of cold head – that woozy, floaty, drunk feeling that comes with some colds and which medication doesn't seem to touch. While somewhere between sleeping and waking, this thing came into my head. I think it came from a combination of two pictures Meghan has up by her desk. Maybe it's even less original than that. I so rarely have an image enter my head that hasn't been put there by a book or radio show or movie, I'll take what I can get.

13 January 2007

Wotcha Wazzer

Just to prove I have been drawing things not of a Lovecraftian persuasion, here's a drawing of Wazzer from Monstrous Regiment which I did over Christmas.

11 January 2007

Re-Animation Formula

Of all the Lovecraft stories I've listened to* I like the Herbert West ones the best. This is probably because instead of the main character having wacky things happen to him,** as in most of the stories, Dr West makes them happen, or is at least responsible for 90% of the plot. It must also be said that I find myself identifying with his monomania and emotional detachment, for better or worse, though my interest lies more in imparting life to lifeless lines rather than dead boxers or decapitated Canadian officers...

Anyway, here's a mediocre artistic encapsulation of the formula to the stories (which you can read here if you're interested):

Apparently Dr West = Milo + Wiggins ... erm.

*Thanks to Sean and his CD burner ... I haven't managed to actually read any yet, though considering I haven't been able to actually read anything for the last two months any such attempt would probably have failed anwyay.
**I wonder what Mr Lovecraft would think of me describing his horror as 'wacky'...

05 January 2007

Slightly More Fishy

Here's a few more attempts at the Innsmouth folk ... I am moving at a glacial rate towards 'creepy' from 'cute.' Maybe a few thousand more tries will do it.

Poor neglected Blogger account ... I will try to feed you more often.