22 March 2007

Belated Blogging

I promised this to some of you weeks ago but here it is at last:

~ Rough Draft ~

Please, please, please make some comments ... What should I keep? What should I chuck? There's way too much in the 'design and illustration' section, for one thing, but I don't know what to cut out. Heeeeeeelp!


elephantmarchblog said...

Grrrrr! Damn you, these are good. looking through each section, I suppose I could agree that you could probably cut out half of each section and still do justice, after all you'd want to leave the other half online to give them something to look at. I'd have trouble picking which to lose too, as while they all look good, it's hard to pick one that stands out too much more then the other. Just make sure you keep that one life drawing page with the shrugging gesture in, for the love of Milt Kahl! I can recognize some of the stuff from your gradbook portfolio, I think.... I'd recomend not putting stuff that old in it, simply because people might recognize it too, and you have too much stuff already.


janis said...

man, sarah, your stuff looks awesome! is it bad if there is too much stuff in design&illustration if it is all really good? I guess so. Umm, the only thing i noticed was one life drawing, i think it might be melanie, its the one with both arms in the air on like the third page in or something like that, anyway, it seems just a bit stiffer than your other stuff...and i probably only noticed cause its big...and rendered, damn rendering. oh, and also the upper arm of the one guy on the same page, sitting on the stool, it just seems a teensy bit short...and feels a bit awkward. And those are the only two tiny little things I noticed at all, everything else looked awesome.

Deas said...

I'll take all the stuff you cut out. Thanks. Heh, kidding. Seriously Sarah, your stuff is looking amazing! This is the first time I've seen your stuff since school I think, the years have been good to ya ;) The gate illustration on the 27th page is to die for. Oh yah I agree with elephantmarcher... the shrugging gesture lifedrawing... if you were to remove it Milt would turn in his grave.


Sloth said...

i'm with him on this one Sar, thi sis all really really strong stuff, i wouldnt cut anything, but since you asked and thi sis jstu a personal opinion on the weakest page, is the one wit hthe guy against the camel wi ththe running fridge crazy water creature thing arabian girl adn vampire, although i love the camel guy, but out of everything else i think that page is an A compared to the A+ of the other pages ;)

Jocelan Hillton said...


I really like the one of the 2 cats and the character stuff is really strong. also the guy with the butcher knife is kinda funny i think it should be a bit bigger on the page..
great stuff!