10 June 2007

More Photos

It's the magical door ... and I go in it every morning! Magical! I think there might be a forcefield of drawing power at the top of the stairs because it's just ridiculous in there. Here's a detail of the sign, with the world's best logo.
The Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery is next door, and it has this sign in its window which I found amusing.
This is a fixture in the local grocery store ... as far as I can tell, you put money in and you get movies out. No word on how they hold you to returning it ... maybe you have to use your store's loyalty card or something so they have your address and can send out their movie thugs to get it back.
This is the view from my bus stop in the afternoon. One of these days I will investigate that church or whatever it is; it looks pretty cool.


tulanoodle said...

The movie machine takes credit cards, and everyday you don't return it it charges a dollar on your account. I don't know how you return it though.

elephantmarchblog said...

Cool Stuff. Can't wait to see some of your work there...

kadianimate said...

So neat! Alas, my attempt to bother you has failed since you are not even in the country LOL.

I would like a red door. It seems dramatic.

Tealin said...

Tula: Cunning. Cunning and evil.

Will: I might post some stuff before I blast off on Saturday; we'll see what I can get done by then.

Kadi: Bardel has ... sort of ... burgundy doors...? Inside, anyway.