13 February 2010

A Correspondence Between Gentlemen of Adventure

The second thing everyone knows* about the Scott Expedition is that Amundsen Got There First. What I didn't know until I read The Worst Journey in the World is that Amundsen left, for Scott, a letter to send to the king of Norway to corroborate his antecedence. This was so bemusing to me, a child of the late twentieth century, that a man could realistically expect his defeated rival to voluntarily go through the hassle of proclaiming his loss, and that said rival would actually do so rather than mutter a bitter 'screw you' and take no action at all.
*assuming one knows anything at all; the first thing is They All Died.

So of course I had to make a comic about it. Click for make biggar!

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Lissa said...

This is a delightful comic about unfortunate events in an inhospitable place :)
Have you ever read the graphic novel Whiteout? It's in two volumes, set in present day, basically crime dramas taking place at research stations in the south pole. the second volume opened with a bit about the Scott expedition, in fact with an anecdote about this very letter! Made me think of you. I'll probably mention it in person whenever i run into you next.