22 January 2012

A Tale of Two Cities

Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities is my favourite of the books we had to read in high school. I drew a fair bit from it at the time, but who knows where those drawings are now . . . they're probably not worth sharing, anyway. BBC Radio 4 recently ran a new radio dramatisation of the story which inspired me to try my professional hand at the subject matter. Unfortunately I was short on time so didn't do due diligence in researching the costumes, but it was a bit of fun anyway.

Madame Defarge was not supposed to be a self-portrait, but she started coming out that way and eventually I gave up fighting it. Halloween 2012!


elephantmarchblog said...

Possibly still my vote for best book i've ever read: heh though of course my palettes probably a bit more limited then other.

The Derfarges would be the hardest characters, in my eyes, to do justice to, because just making a straight wicked step mother would just feel insufficient...

Tealin said...

Yes, I think that in most 'great literature' the characters are much more complex than a 'wicked stepmother' ... Actually I find Ernest Defarge much more interesting that Therese, because he's a revolutionary but not a radical and it's interesting to see him believe in the cause but still have qualms ... but Therese is just so much fun, in that fiery zealous kind of way.