25 March 2012

Think the Unthinkable

One of the many nice things about radio as a medium is that you can think up your own visuals.  There is an old saying that the pictures are better on radio, but of course that all depends on the strength of your imagination vs the median talent of television production designers – at any rate, it at least gives the mind's eye some exercise.

I am not usually a fan of sitcoms but there are a handful on Radio 4 which I enjoy.  Old Harry's Game and Cabin Pressure top the list, but I will give Think the Unthinkable a listen whenever it bobs back up to the surface on 4 Extra.  I never had all that strong an impression of the characters, visually, but I tried my hand at the two ladies of Unthinkable Solutions and I thought they turned out all right:


James Cary said...

Hello, there - love those pictures. I'm actually the writer of Think the Unthinkable and you've captured the spirit of those characters very well! Thank you for noticing my show... Best wishes, J

Tealin said...

Oh wow! I'm glad you like them – and thank you for bringing such a great show (and characters) into the world!